Comments Policy

Here at Bitexalt we aim to provide you with the most qualified and most relevant news. As a result, the news we publish will often generate large-scale discussions. Can not be denied, there will be people who agree with our writers and those who do not. There will also be levels of uncertainty about how news pieces can be played, and it is very likely that when the situation opens the details outlined in the original original pieces may change.

We welcome creative and constructive debates about topics covered by our authors, and the ever-changing digital currency landscape means that we must accept the fact that what is true at the time of publication may become invalid when the situation develops. We ask that they have feedback that reflects that.

In light of this, we have a couple of ground rules:

Criticism is fine, abuse is not – there is no need to know if you do not agree with our authors, just let them know in a civil, community driven manner

Swearing is unacceptable. If you use prohibited language in your comments, they will be deleted

If you have not got an inaccuracy in anything our authors have published, please avoid simply stating, “This is wrong”. Alternatively, please provide a reference that backs up your statement of inaccuracy

We welcome lively debate – not abuse. If you disagree with anything we are publish, by all means let us know, but please give us yours for doing so our authors have a chance to respond accordingly
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